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Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Never Stop Moving

Tuesday,  March 27th, 2012

     Dearest Blog,

            Today was an interesting day. I missed swim practice this morning which was a bit bothersome but I did get to go babysit for an hour in the morning, win some lose some. And upon my return I cleaned the whole house , my mom was so happy and it made me feel great. Has she been right this whole time? Is staying neat and doing things the right way the first time really easier? Ha what a joke nah she can not possibly be right ;). What? What do I know, I'm just a teenager. On a more interesting note I have started a new project. What is it you ask? A secret! I will tell you at a later date because it is for my parents.

           This year my family hosted a foreign exchange student, he is German and is really cool. He has been here already since August, its amazing how time flies. Soon he will be heading back to Germany and I will miss him so much whether I say it to him or not. Chances are when he leaves I will cry. He has been such a great host brother and I am so glad I met him. Luckily for us he isn't leaving right at the end of the school year because his parents are coming here to get him!! I know right we get to meet his dad, his mom, and his little sister. I'm so, so, so excited!!!

            On a final couple of notes I have swim practice tomorrow morning bright and early. FINALLY, I have finally recovered enough to go to swim practice after ripping my pectoral muscle off my shoulder. I hope I wont be too tired. Randomness right here but I just realized how much I love listening to music when I work out, its too bad that the pool doesn't have underwater surround sound. I mean that would be so awesome right!! After swim I get to go babysit again and dye Easter eggs with the little boy across the street! Hes sooooo adorable!! Well goodnight my little blog, sweet dreams to all.


    Elyssa <3

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