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Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My Dearest Blog,

     I am so so sorry I have not wrote you lately, I have been so busy this past couple of weeks! Swim season is great and even though its kicking my butt I continue to work my best and give my all, some things are worth it. But its true I do miss summer and I am so glad its on its way not only because it means no school but it means POLO!!! :D I miss water polo so so so much its seems like its been years since the end of the season! Man life is blowing past at an intense speed, and even though sometimes things are a blur I just keep on keeping on. You know my friend told me the other day "Elyssa, if life wasn't such a ride than where would we get the smiles" I love her so much she makes my day. Anyway, lately I have been super busy as I said before, you know the usual school, swim, home...its a circle but recently its been out of control and I cant hang on to the ride. Ive been working at swim, MELS is coming up and I have to swim the 200IM and the 200 Medley Relay, the butterfly of course. As well as the 100 fly, and sense my shoulder is still healing its not easy. As for school, well its hard, there's so much to do in what seems like such little time and im totally stressing. College class is good though, Ill post some pics next time for you guys to see what Ive made.

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